Spiritually Malnourished

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In an era where being health conscious is the order of the day the spiritual man is often neglected. The focal point of being healthy is on the physical man, while the theocentric part of man is left famished. Keen attention is directed to what should be consumed and its quantity. While this is good and important, I dare to say that we have missed the mark as it is not what enters a man that defiles him but what comes out. As such much focus should be given to the spiritual man.

The Bible characterizes humans as being able to display two types of reactions, namely the characteristics of the fruit of the spirit or the manifestation of the works of the flesh. Whichever is fed the more will be the strongest and more dominant in an individual. Although we all like to wear a mask and act like we are the epitome of perfection truth be told we are struggling have the correct characteristics on display at all times. The constant war within our members often leaves us critically wounded.  Unfortunately, our embedded pride will not allow us to admit or seek help to bind up the deep lacerations.

These spiritual injuries, however, are a result of us nibbling at the feast spread set before us by the master. We pick at the lettuce of love, gnaw at the jackfruit of joy, snack on the papaya of peace and the pineapple of patience. Also, we pinch on the kale of kindness and nip on the guava of goodness and the grape of gentleness.  Additionally, we nibble on the fig of faithfulness and masticate on the spinach of self-control. Even worst, often we turn a blind eye to the invitation to come and dine at the master’s table which leaves our soul famished and results in us being spiritually malnourished. Instead, we sadly turn to the landfill of sin and rummage for the alcohol of adultery, fornication, uncleanness, revellings, and lasciviousness. Seek for the whopper of witchcraft, idolatry, emulations, variance, and seditions.  Hunt for soda of strife, hatred, heresies, and wrath. Scour for the M&M’s of murder, drunkenness, envyings and such like. All of which leaves us even more depraved and spiritually faint.


Today, let us examine ourselves, remove the masks and choose to consistently dine at the Master’s table. Let us use our ability of craving to yearn for more of Him and His ways. Decided to redirect our misguided needs to the One who is more than capable of satiating every desire. Afterall, this path does provide both physical and spiritual benefits.

2/3/2018 Dr. R.A.


Your Hair will Grow Again

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Life is filled with choices being served as a dish on a platter. This results in us constantly making decisions, whether right or wrong. These decisions sometimes have a way of sapping our strength, leaving us extremely vulnerable to the attack of the enemy. Unfortunately, sometimes our choices may even lead to our ultimate demise as they have ripple effects.

As we grow older, these decisions become harder to make as we become more aware of the consequences of our choices. However, the pressure to perform or to prove that we are grown can tip the scale to the left. Therefore, supplying us with a greater degree of influence for making wrong choices. As everyone wants to be their own superhero and advertise their independence.

This is not unique to our dispensation. As a matter of fact, it was quite prevalent in the days of old as depicted in the Bible with stories about the patriarchs. Some of these choices made by these patriarchs were good and showed great rewards. Whereas, some decisions were wrong and proved to be very costly.  Regardless, however, because of their desire to serve and please God, He had a way of working things out in their favor.

In the book of Judges, we learn of a man named Samson who although was chosen by God and dedicated to Him from birth seemed to be prone to doing only that which was wrong because of the lust of his eyes, lust of his flesh and the pride of life. He placed a downpayment on temporary pleasure with his future power which was extremely dangerous and costly. The consequences of his choice left him blind, head shaved and imprisoned by his enemies. This left him in a position of shame, ridicule, bondage, pain and loss.  From the perspective of his enemy, all hopes were lost for him. As a matter of fact, he may have believed for a moment that there was no hope left and this would be his destiny. However, somewhere in the pitch darkness his eyes and heart got fixed on God, and he began to pray.  The change of perspective and his spiritual disposition resulted in his hair starting to grow again. His strength was regained with every strand sprout until his strength was matchless.  He then was able to destroy his enemies, essentially taking back everything that the enemy had stolen from him.

Maybe like Samson, you feel despondent, and your life is filled with despair because of the decisions that you have made. Maybe like him, you are experiencing ridicule, shame, pain, broken heart, sickness, insecurity, drug addiction, promiscuity, loss (financially, emotionally, physically, etc.). Maybe you feel like all is lost and there is no reason to continue to live. However, I say to you that your hair can grow again. Regardless, of what you have done if you fix your eyes on God, your hair will begin to grow again. This is not the end although it seems like the end. How do I know this? Because things always work out in the end. The fact that your heart is beating is proof that there is still hope for tomorrow. Therefore, if it has not worked out it only means that it is not the end. God can make a way out of no way. He can turn every crooked path straight and every Red Sea into dry ground.

It does not matter how deep you have fallen. You could be beneath the deepest depth of the sea, God can still reach you if you are willing to be pulled up. It does not matter how sick you are. The only thing that matters is if you are willing to be made whole.  You may want to disqualify yourself because of the numerous times that you have fallen, but remember that a just man falls seven times but gets back up. All you need to do is be willing to get back up. God has a future plan for you that is filled with good and not evil to give you and expected end.

Prayer: God, please let Your light shine in the deep dark areas of our heart. Let failures, weakness, insecurities, hopelessness, etc. be exposed so that Your people can regain strength. Let our hair begin to grow again. Open the prison cells that we have locked ourselves in because of bad choices that we have made and set us free to fulfill our purpose which is to worship You. Clothe us in Your righteousness as we ask for Your forgiveness. Help our eyes to affixed to You from this day forward. Amen.

4.27.17 Dr. R.A.



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Trust GOD from the bottom of your heart; Don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for GOD’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; He is the one who will keep you on track. Don’t assume that you know it all.Run to GOD! Prov. 3:5-6

Every now and again when the hustling and bustling of life activities come to a halt, we find ourselves in reflection mode. The choices that we have made rummage through the proverbial magnifying glass within our minds. It is within these moments that no matter how well established and successful we have become that secrets deep within our heart surface, and we admit to ourselves silently that we could have made better choices in some aspects. Better choices where success was at the expense of happiness; instant gratification at the expense of self-esteem and pride at the expense of love. There are areas where choice wounds cut so deep that although it’s been years the wound has still not been healed. It is in those moments that we furtively wish for a do-over. Although in the open we pretend that this is not applicable to us, behind closed doors we allow the light to enter the darkest room in our hearts.

Contrary to popular beliefs even stalwarts of old like Abraham, David, Paul, Jonah to name a few, had these pensive moments, but they allowed the light of God to shine in the darkness of their heart. They had a revelation of the “do-over” God. There are several keys required to unlock the doors of the do-over process. The first key to having a do-over is to ALLOW the light of God to shine within our dark areas. David stated emphatically in the book of Psalm that he wanted God to “enlighten his darkness.” After letting the light in, the next crucial step that we must take is to TRUST God. I say trust… really TRUST God. We often profess that we trust God, but when put to the test we fail miserably as we murmur, complain, whimper, whine, look for other options and sometimes even become stagnant. However, take God at His word and Trust Him from the bottom of your heart not trying to figure things out on your own. You see God can be trusted. He can be trusted even when we mess up. If we should go back to the beginning of the Bible, we read the famous story of Adam and Eve’s poor choice, which resulted in them needing a do-over. In their time of need, they did not run to God and asked for the do-over instead they tried to cover themselves and hide from the presence of God. However, God showed up consistently, and inquired Adam where are you? When they reluctantly admitted where they were and allowed the light of God to shine in, God introduced them to the “do-over” God. Proving that even in your mess God can be trusted.

The next vital key is listening. LISTEN to the voice of God. We are a generation who love the sound of our own voice. This I believe is the genesis of problems but that’s another story. To prove this point where we converse we often listen to respond to the individual and not to hear what is being said. Listening to the voice of God is key as it will keep us on track to our destiny. It is listening to our own voice and the voice of others that causes us to be hijacked and held as captives on our journey to our purpose. As such, we need to LISTEN to God’s voice, listen not to respond but instead LISTEN to FOLLOW. The voice of God not only guides, reproves and admonish but it also comforts. Whenever we fail to listen, just like sheep we end up falling in ditches and cannot come out unless drawn out by the shepherd. Therefore, LISTEN to God’s voice to get instructions for a do-over.

Finally, we need to run. RUN to God. Whenever we are faced with heightened emotions, our first instinct is to run. This I realize is a good thing as the reason it was embedded within us is that we can RUN to GOD. It is said that the reason we are given a leap year is that the calendar does not truly reflect God’s time and so it drifts. Whenever there is a leap year, we get to spring forward to where we should have been before we drifted. Just like it is in the natural we in our spiritual lives have often strayed from God and need a do-over that will cause us to leap into the place that was designed for us to be. As such, we need to run to God. Run to God like Joseph did when he was faced with the choice of satisfying his flesh. After all, the Bible did say that we should flee youthful lust. Run to God. Run like a deer runs into the water whenever it is thirsty or afraid. Run to God, as He is the only one that can give the ultimate do-over.

Now, never forget that the keys to a do-over are ATLR. Allow the light of God to shine within our darkness; Trust God; Listen to God’s Voice and Run to God.

12/3/16 Dr.R.