The Keeper


The LORD is your keeper… Ps 121:5

We live in a society where rating is the order of the day. There are songs and clichés depicting an individual’s worth on a scale as it pertains to their looks, style, demeanor, etc. These superficially ascribed numerical values are somehow used in determining whether a person gets rejected or remains in our lives. This quandary has persons trying to “out do” each other in ranks in order to be the ‘keeper.’  Especially in the dating arena, performances are nothing short of being in a circus. If individuals were to be surveyed on what was their ‘ideal’, responses of acquiring a purple elephant that can fly and perform surgery at the same time, would seemingly be quite the norm.  Needless to say, this perfunctory assessment only intensifies the inferiority complex that burdens the psyche.

Although this cosmetic review has overcast our cultural environment all is not lost, as there is one whose words are absolute. David said  “the Lord is your Keeper” not in the sense of being more of a husband/wife material but rather that He is the One that protects and takes care of His own. He will never discard you. When you are being suffocated by fear, He is your Keeper. When you are paralyzed by the past and haunted by the present, He is your Keeper. When you are weak, feeble, timid, fragile, inadequate and just struggling in darkness, He is your keeper. He will never thrust you aside regardless of what number society or you have rated yourself. He is your Keeper.

In an era where discarding persons is like second nature, it is as easy as breathing; God will never discard you. He is your Keeper. He looks at you with His beautiful eyes, and He says you are a keeper! In your mess, you are a keeper! At your best, you are a keeper! He is the Keeper who never fails at providing constant care and protection.  So don’t look to man who is fickle to determine if you are a keeper. Instead, look to God knowing that He is the Keeper of all keepers, who amazingly thinks that you are also a keeper.

Via Daily Prompt: Culture