Facing Fears

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Often when we are fearful, we have a tendency to cower and hide. Fear causes our nervous system to be flooded with endorphins. These emotions transmitted throughout our body cause us to sweat, our heart race (beating so hard like it is about to break free from our chest), the hair on our necks rise and our legs shake. Every member of our body seemingly shuts down with the exception of our emotions. This causes us to generalize fear as that which cripples hampers and prevents us from walking in purpose and possess that which belongs to us. However, what if we could look at fear from another perspective. What if fear could be viewed as that which propels, pushes, and catapults us into the place that we need to be? What if fear is the ultimate driving force? What if fear is the really the gateway to freedom?

Life is consist of both mountain and valley experiences.  Our perspectives often get skewed into thinking that there are more valley experiences than there are mountain top experiences. However, this is not the case as valleys are located between two mountains. Some valleys are wide whereas others are narrow which aids in our distorted view. Nevertheless, no matter how long, wide, short, narrow or dark our valleys may be what we should never lose focus of is that God is always present. Psalm 23 states “even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death you are with me.”  Because God is there the death that we see is only a shadow which cannot exist without the light. As such, God who is ‘light’ is guiding our steps so that we do not utterly fall in the darkness.This does not mean we will not encounter pain or sorrow, it simply means that no matter what happens we are on God’s watch, and if God is watching us and is for us, then nothing can stand against.  Knowing this we really should not fear. Notwithstanding we do and blame it on being human. This action is not a thing of the present as it has been occurring since olden times.

The Bible tells a story about the children of Israel who we sent to spy out the promised land. When there returned of the twelve that went only two had a good report and believed that they were able to possess the land. The others cowered in fear and wanted to forfeit that which was already given to them. They opted to for “flight” instead of “fight.” Only two were able to see that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

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Only two were able to see that what they feared was the gateway to freedom. Overcoming the fear would allow them to enjoy the blessings of the promise. Everything that they desired was on the other side of fear.

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Only two chose to move forward in spite of fear trusting God to make possible that which He had promised. Fear was their ultimate driving force to obtain the promise of possessing the land. They knew that if they “fight” they would win.

Are you aware that you were born to win, to prosper and to rise? Do you know that defeat is not a part of the expected end that God has for you? What is is that you fear? Will you use that fear to propel you to the place you were destined to be? Will you face your fear so that you can experience freedom?

Prayer: God you see all the things hides in the dark areas of our hearts and minds that haunt us and causes us to fear. Today we are asking that you shed your light in these areas so that the darkness can be dispelled and fear dissipate. Please empower us to use fear to propel us into becoming and doing that which you have called us. Remove the scales from our eyes so that we can see that fear is only the gateway to our freedom. Take full control over everything that concerns us and let your divine will be done. Amen.

3/30/17 Dr.R.A.


Let Go and Let GOD

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The phrase “let go and let God” rolls off the tongue easier than it is to actually be implemented in an individual’s life. Often a believer will confess that they have let go and profess that they are allowing God to lead but as soon as there is a bump in the road then panic sets in.  Understandably so as it is quite challenging to let go of the tangible and rely on that which seemingly is intangible. Life’s unpredictable circumstances have taught us to hold on to the experiences that we have gained. We never know when the tide of our lives will change and as a result, we often find ourselves in a quandary grasping at straws and gasping for air.

All the experiences can be deemed memorable. Some leave us feeling like we are floating on a cloud of air somewhere in the exosphere because of the joy and the bliss that they bring. Whereas the excruciating pain of others cannot adequately be explained by our limited vocabulary. Regardless of the occurrence, however, we have learned to cherish each experience and categorize as either a lesson or a blessing.

Unfortunately, however,  the more we tend to hold on to these experiences (whether positive or negative) is the more we lose the ability to let go easily. These experiences sometimes leave us imprisoned in open door cells. I say ‘open door cells” because when opportunities present themselves instead of leaping and possessing that which is ours, we talk ourselves out of walking the course of destiny. We would rather settle for the bliss already experienced not realizing that there is greater joy ahead. Or nurture the pain of the past. Although either choice may bring some degree of comfort, it will hinder growth, as real growth can never occur in comfort zones. It is, therefore, imperative that we let go.

Psalm 46:10 profoundly states “be still and know that I am God…” If we should examine the phrase “be still” it originates from the Hebrew word raphah which mean to let go. The essence of this chapter is encouraging believers that no matter what the circumstances are we should let go and let God. Let go of all out inhibitions, fears, our vast range of emotions, intellect, etc., and let God. We can do this with confidence knowing He is God and that He will be exalted.

Prayer: Lord, please help me to let go of whatever causes me to be imprisoned in open door cells. Help me to realize that there is so much greater that you have in store for me, waiting for me to trust you and divinely walk into destiny. Empower me this day to start making steps to (even if they are baby steps) to walk out of these confinements so that every limitation can be destroyed. I confess that I am ready to let go and let you have complete control.


2/29/17 Dr.R.A.


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Achieving Greatness


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People are often misguided into thinking that to achieve greatness then selfish desires must be on display.  From an early age, the passion for aspiring for more has been ingrained into our psyche. We want a higher salary, corner office, lofty titles, etc. as the perception of having these things will validate our identity. However, our source of identity is never found in the things that we own. Our source comes only from the One who formed and fashioned us when we were in our mother’s womb. Additionally, greatness we desire is not obtained by achieving these things.

Many books, articles, and speeches have been given on how to achieve greatness.  Most follow the concepts that have been outlined by Margret Thatcher namely:

  1. Working Hard
  2. Raise the bar higher
  3. Quitting is not an option
  4. Stand up for your ideals
  5. Take action

Although these principles if applied may enable one to reach their goal of obtaining material things. These actually does not indeed allow one to become great. Greatness in its truest form can only be achieved through selfless service. Now I know that with technology most individuals are trying to prove just how selfless they are by helping others and recording or live streaming their actions. Sometimes these things are done to get notoriety which does not please our Maker. True selflessness is not focused on gaining a platform but loving and serving others where they are even if there is no spotlight.

The Bible states that whoever wants to be a leader must be a servant. God’s ways are always different from the ways of men. To be great then one has to submit themselves to God’s leading. Our thoughts have to be transformed by God so that we can know His will for our lives and be pleasing unto Him.

Do you want to be great? Well, give yourself completely over to God and let Him lead. It is within reach, just ahead if we allow Him to direct our path.

Prayer: Lord help us to surrender our lives completely to You and Your leading. Let the spirit of obedience rest on us so that we will walk in the precepts and statutes that You have outlined. Help us to surrender our emotions to You so that anxiety does not subdue us. Remind us continually that Your ways and thoughts are higher than ours. Strengthen us to resist the values of the world and the pressure to conform to its ideologies. Empower us to pursue the kind of life that You have created us to obtain. Amen.

3/26/17 Dr. R.A.




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Often when we hear the word provoke our thoughts automatically assumes something negative. We assume that something is being done to cause someone to feel angry or annoyed. I am not sure if it is the evil inclination in humans that causes us to assume the worst first.

Provoke by definition is to stimulate a reaction in someone. What if we could endeavor to stimulate good reactions in others by provoking them? Not exactly the first thing that pops in our thoughts right. However, it is very possible.

The Bible in Hebrews 10:24 states “and let us consider one another to provoke unto love and good works.” This simply means that our actions and words should excite, trigger, stimulate, etc. others to love and do good.

We have not been very cognizant of the fact that love begets love. The Bible says, that “for God so loved the world that He gave.” It was the giving of that love that causes us to love Him in return.  His action of love provoked us into falling in love with Him. Should we therefore not let our actions provoke others to worship God and to love others?

What are your actions provoking others to do? Are your words seasoned with grace? Does your lifestyle excite others to worship God?

Today let us examine our words and actions and see whether or not they stimulate others to glorify God, love and do good works.

Prayer: God, please help me to let the words I speak and my actions align in giving honor to Your great name. Let my lifestyle be true worship unto you. Let the light that you have deposited within me shine so bright that others are able to see You evidently in me and come and glorify You. Remove far from me any actions, thoughts or words that do not give honor to you. As I endeavor to please you more. Amen.

3/22/17 Dr.R.A.




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Humble Beginnings

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Everyone desires to be great. As a matter of fact, greatness is the undertone of every conversation. Various books, movies, and articles have been written about how to be successful. The definition of success for individuals is being skewed by that which society defines as success. Persons that are not yet at the pinnacle of society’s definition of success  are feeling the weight of the waves of pressure to perform. The heights of the waves have gushed over them leaving them sinking into the dark deep hoping not to drown in their own despair. Appreciation for humble beginnings is almost a thing of yesterday. Instead of praise, the slow, long and tedious process of humble beginnings is acknowledged with a curse.

Appreciation for humble beginnings is almost a thing of yesterday. Instead of praise, the slow, long and tedious process of humble beginnings is acknowledged with a curse. However, if we stop allowing society to define success for us, then the pressure to perform will lessen. We will be able to enjoy the journey knowing that success lies in the journey and not the destination as it has been depicted.

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We often tend to forget that in the process of small beginnings we learn how to have humility. That may not seem to be rewarding, but its value is priceless. I say this because pride always comes before destruction, however, with humility comes greatness. Humility  is like  fertilizer to  our heart which results in us having a right spirit no matter our current circumstance.

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Additionally, small beginnings teach us to have the proper work etiquette and how to be grateful.

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When we are able to work with a cheerful spirit, knowing that doing the work is a blessing in and of itself. Then even God Himself will rejoice to see the work being done. This should cause us to rejoice knowing that if God is pleased He will reward with bountiful blessings.

Are you in a place of small beginnings? do you have the right attitude in this season of your life? Have you been grateful while putting in the work? Do you have a patient spirit or are you filled with anxiety of moving to the next big thing? Today ask God to examine your heart as it pertains to the “small beginnings” areas of your life so that you will be able to enjoy the journey and be rewarded greatly.

3.20.17 Dr.R.A.

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The true nature of a person is not always seen is moments of comfort or convenience. Most persons tend to be extremely polite and friendly whenever things are going well in their life. However, whenever a person perceives that the “sky is falling” in their life, then their demeanor changes. This is the moment when what is on the inside of someone will begin to be revealed.

The Bible tells of a story about a man named Job who faced great misfortune of having lost all his riches and children in a day. As if his situation was not bad enough, he then lost his health and had his wife encourage him to curse God and die. His friends that initially came with the intent of comforting him started to have disputing conversations with him, accusing him of sinning. His true character, however, shone forth as he continued to give praise to God.

What controversy are you faced with today? What characteristics are shining from within? Are you able to still give God glory in the midst of a dispute?

3/18/2017 Dr.R.A.

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We all have different reasons that drive our actions. Some are more focused on helping others that are hurting. Their hearts are genuine and filled with goodness. Whereas, some are more focused on profiting from those who are hurting while pretending to help them. These individuals will pretend to be your friend so that they can be aware of what is happening in your life and then try to destroy you.

As individuals, we need to be very careful. We should be careful not only as it pertains to interacting with other people but also be mindful of our own motives for performing a task. Examination of self and motives should be practiced by everyone. Especially when the thing we want to do is what we consider major that may cause a spotlight to be focused on us we should examine our motives. Is our heart pure and genuine or filled with the deception of personal gain?

What is the driving force behind our actions? Do our actions give glory to God?

3.18.2017 Dr.R.A.


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Many individuals believe in luck. They think that finding a four-leaf clover or walking around with a horseshoe will bring the good fortune that they are expecting. Personally, however, I do not subscribe to the notion of luck. I believe that nothing really happens by chance, especially in the life of the believer. Everything is strategically ordered by God. So when good fortune takes places God is the One who ordered our steps at the correct time and season for reaping. He keeps blessing even when we are not cognizant of what He is doing. As such, we should speak blessing over each other. God bless is should be the thing that we utter instead of good luck.

03.17.17 Dr.R.A.

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It took some time to get here

All the way atop

Blood, sweat, and tears

Joints ached, skinned bruised

Yet I continued to climb

Some slopes were very steep and slippery

My mind was filled with the uncertainty of how to maneuver

Yet I crawled when I was too weak to walk

As I was determined to get to the top

Finally, I saw the exquisitely magnificent view

The beautiful rays of the sun and gorgeous rainbow

I stretched my hands out and inhaled so deeply

Exhaling crisp, clean oxygen

I looked on knowing the journey has not end

As there is still higher peaks around

But my heart was happy to know that I have yet survived

I rested a little

Regaining my strength as I reminisced on the journey to the top

Anxiously awaiting the next adventure to the top


3/15/17 Dr.R.A.


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Immerse me in Your love.

Until all my fears are cast away.

Let the warmth of Your love envelope me.

Until I can no longer feel the cold of the outside world.

Submerge me in You.

Until all anxiety recedes and vanishes.

Let me plunge deeper.

Until the fulness of You fills me.

Drench me with Your wisdom.

Until I become wise and operate in full understanding.

Saturate me with Your favor.

Until I am known and called as “the favored.”

More of You is what I need.

So  souse me,

Immerse me!

Until you fill every fiber of my being.



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