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Often when we hear the word provoke our thoughts automatically assumes something negative. We assume that something is being done to cause someone to feel angry or annoyed. I am not sure if it is the evil inclination in humans that causes us to assume the worst first.

Provoke by definition is to stimulate a reaction in someone. What if we could endeavor to stimulate good reactions in others by provoking them? Not exactly the first thing that pops in our thoughts right. However, it is very possible.

The Bible in Hebrews 10:24 states “and let us consider one another to provoke unto love and good works.” This simply means that our actions and words should excite, trigger, stimulate, etc. others to love and do good.

We have not been very cognizant of the fact that love begets love. The Bible says, that “for God so loved the world that He gave.” It was the giving of that love that causes us to love Him in return.  His action of love provoked us into falling in love with Him. Should we therefore not let our actions provoke others to worship God and to love others?

What are your actions provoking others to do? Are your words seasoned with grace? Does your lifestyle excite others to worship God?

Today let us examine our words and actions and see whether or not they stimulate others to glorify God, love and do good works.

Prayer: God, please help me to let the words I speak and my actions align in giving honor to Your great name. Let my lifestyle be true worship unto you. Let the light that you have deposited within me shine so bright that others are able to see You evidently in me and come and glorify You. Remove far from me any actions, thoughts or words that do not give honor to you. As I endeavor to please you more. Amen.

3/22/17 Dr.R.A.




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