In transition caught up in liminal space.

Not where I was, but not where I should be

Not who I was, but aspiring for who I should be

No longer holding on to what was solid, but rather reaching for what seemingly is air

Should be ecstatic about the growth so  far, but terrified that current condition may prevent me from grasping firmly on to what lies ahead

In between, in between the process that haunts like a bad dream.

Can’t help but wonder if gravity will prevail as suspended in air by sheer will power that defies the laws of nature.

Still can’t get caught up in thoughts of what may happen, rather focus on what is certain

Failure is not an option so I persist

If I die, I will die empty, so I stretch even the more

Allowing passion of hope to drive until I arrive knowing that it won’t make me ashamed.

Via Daily Prompt: Liminal