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Not everyone has had the privilege or misfortune (depending on the outlook) of being in an actual major storm. I am not just referring to a tropical storm or thunderstorm. I am making reference to storms like hurricanes. The ones that preparation has to be made for to increase the chances of survival. However, due to technology, we can see the effects of these storms and imagine what the impact of the encounter. The thing about major storms is that there is a timeframe in which to expect the occurrence. Not all storms, however, give that allowance. Some storms seem to occur suddenly, catching us off guard. Especially the ones that happen in our lives. These kinds leave us flustered, angry, sad, disappointed, broken, bewildered, forsaken, hopeless, panicking, etc.  I believe it is the somewhat “suddenliness” of it that causes the wind to be knocked out of our lungs. In addition to them occurring suddenly some are of prolonged which further contributes to the devastation.

One of the essential core characteristics of storms is that they never affect just an individual. Usually the affect an entire community, family, state, country, etc. Therefore at least one other person is experiencing the exact impact. This may not seem comforting, but to the contrary, it is, because t lets us know that no matter what we are experiencing we are not alone.

We are not the only ones either who have experienced storms. The disciples in the book of Matthew experienced a “suddenly” storm that left them distraught.  This was a storm that was so fierce that the winds were breaking into the boat. Even though they were fishermen and had experienced storm before and should know how to navigate the situation, this one caught them off guard. There was something about this storm that disrupted their thought process and their entire emotional state, causing them to panic. What was the exact reason? I don’t know. It could be assumed that it was the fierceness of the winds that penetrated them. Or maybe it was the boisterous waves, Or because it occurred suddenly. Whatever, the reason clearly their axis had been tilted.

And as if the suddenness of their seemingly tragic situation was not bad enough, their leader was sound asleep. Whatever triggered them to panic escalated when they recognized that their leader was oblivious to what was happening. In addition, all they could conclude was that certainly, he does not care. That thought pierced them through like a two-edged sword.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were experiencing a major storm, and it seemed like God was asleep? The person you were following and trying to obey their every command was unconcerned with what happening to you. Have you ever felt like you were the stepchild to God? Have you ever felt like He was indifferent to your pain? Have you ever felt like His ears could not hear your voice no matter how loudly you screamed? Have you ever felt like no matter what you did you could not get His attention? Or get Him to attend to your need? He is just “sleeping in your storm?” Well, maybe you have been there. As a matter of fact, maybe that is the exact location of your psyche. If that is the case then I want to let you know that is not the end of your story. How do I know this? Well because it didn’t end there for the disciples either. And because it didn’t end there for them it will not end like that for you, because God is no respecter of person. What He does for one He will do for all.

The story continued and let us know that Jesus arose and spoke to the wind and the waves. He stated “be still ” and the wind and waves obeyed. Him. He will speak to your storms and cause them to be still just like He did for the disciples. You see the disciples were focused on the storm and not the fact that Jesus was in the boat. But if Christ is in the vessel, then we can smile at the storm as the songwriter rightly penned. So shift your focus. Focus on God, the master who can make all things work for our good.

God is never indifferent to what you are going through or to what you have need of. The Bible lets us know that if we being evil know how to give good gifts, how much more our Heavenly Father. He will speak to our storms and cause them to cease. Just have faith. It is getting ready to happen!!!!


2.16.17 Dr.R.A.





Gift of Peace

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27 “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid. John 14:27

In a world engrossed with constant activity possessing peace becomes challenging. From the moment one’s eye open an imaginary list of things to do is presented on a silver platter. The race is on for not letting anything be carried over. Constant movement and rushing from place to place to ensure that everything on the list is scratched off before the day ends. The regular watching of the clock to evaluate time for completing a task further adds tension. Everyone trying to be their own super hero both for self-gratification and the satisfaction of others. Sometimes the pressure to perform can be overwhelming and deplete the reservoir of peace in our hearts.  This diminution often leaves us feeling fatigued, empty, abandoned, spent, miserable, downhearted, and downright wanting to throw in the towel. Matters can be further complicated when we feel like we are being left behind, as this produces feelings of bereft, abandonment, loneliness, anxiety, fear and hopelessness. What to do? Where to turn? Who can help in alleviating the stress? You think you are the only one in this situation, but that is not true.

In the book of John, the disciples found themselves in somewhat of a similar predicament where they had to evangelize the world and if that was not pressuring enough they were now being advised by their leader that he will be leaving them. One can only imagine the panic that took place in their mind as they tried to process what was being said. They must have wondered how on earth they were going to accomplish such a task with the rug being pulled from under their feet. An assessment of their environment showed that they were not the most loved and accepted. After all, what they represented was against society’s status quo. What will we do? Where will we go? Who will help us?  These questions highlighted their minds as they would no longer have a crutch to support. However, their leader spoke resounding tranquility in their hearts. Yes, I will be leaving you to accomplish a great task but I am leaving you with a gift. “I leave you the gift of peace of mind and hearts.The peace I give the world cannot give, so don’t be troubled or afraid.” He was basically, saying you have no need to panic or be alarmed because when I leave the comforter will come and because He will reside on the inside of you, there will be greater within you that whatever it is that you will be faced with.

The same promise has been passed on to every believer, the God of peace, whose peace surpasses all understanding is  on the inside of us. He gave us the gift of peace in our hearts and minds which means, He resides in our hearts and minds so we need not become discombobulated. He is the Creator of the universe, Who has and is orchestrating all things as it pertains to us. We are in His hands and He is constantly watching over us. He is our protector, provider and just about anything we could have need of. He is the great I AM, that which we have need of and more. Rest in His peace because there is nothing that will ever happen to us that takes Him by surprise. He is in control. He is Sovereign! He will never leave of forsake us! Let His peace saturate your emotions and your intellect. The peace that the world offer can only partially satisfy one component of us at a time. But God’s gift peace satiates every part of our being at the same time. Again I say, don’t let life’s circumstances causes you to become distraught or upset, instead, let His gift of peace saturate your emotions and intellect.

12.05.16 Dr.R.