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Pleasure Seeking

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Pleasure seeking is the order of the day. Almost everyone is seeking how to please only themselves. Hardly anyone to lend a helping hand unless of course, it brings glory to themselves.  Me, myself and I is the mantra that’s sung on the lips of many.  Whenever the concept is challenged, then a plethora of excuses justifying our actions flow like a stream from the lips. None to stand firm admitting that this cannot continue as it degrades humanity.

The goals sought are idolized causing the One who deserves glory to fall second in rank. Much effort is given to ensure satisfaction that vanishes like a vapor once it has been acquired. Then the cycle continues like hamsters on wheels we run until we obtain the “drug” that never satisfies like the first “high”. It’s a real conundrum that should only be a dream. Yes, seeking to find is a principle that we should apply, but why seek pleasure that is solely seasonal?

We need to remove the scales from our eyes and have our vision realigned. What we should seek is the kingdom of God so that “all these things” can be added to us.  It’s better to seek Him as it requires less effort and the rewards are unmeasurable. In His presence, there remains “fullness” of joy, and at His right hand, there are pleasures forevermore.  Yes, I said FOREVERMORE! PLEASURE FOREVERMORE at His right hand. Not the kind of pleasure that dissipates or is seasonal, but pleasure that is always there forever lasting. Won’t you seek that pleasure?