The Keeper


The LORD is your keeper… Ps 121:5

We live in a society where rating is the order of the day. There are songs and clichés depicting an individual’s worth on a scale as it pertains to their looks, style, demeanor, etc. These superficially ascribed numerical values are somehow used in determining whether a person gets rejected or remains in our lives. This quandary has persons trying to “out do” each other in ranks in order to be the ‘keeper.’  Especially in the dating arena, performances are nothing short of being in a circus. If individuals were to be surveyed on what was their ‘ideal’, responses of acquiring a purple elephant that can fly and perform surgery at the same time, would seemingly be quite the norm.  Needless to say, this perfunctory assessment only intensifies the inferiority complex that burdens the psyche.

Although this cosmetic review has overcast our cultural environment all is not lost, as there is one whose words are absolute. David said  “the Lord is your Keeper” not in the sense of being more of a husband/wife material but rather that He is the One that protects and takes care of His own. He will never discard you. When you are being suffocated by fear, He is your Keeper. When you are paralyzed by the past and haunted by the present, He is your Keeper. When you are weak, feeble, timid, fragile, inadequate and just struggling in darkness, He is your keeper. He will never thrust you aside regardless of what number society or you have rated yourself. He is your Keeper.

In an era where discarding persons is like second nature, it is as easy as breathing; God will never discard you. He is your Keeper. He looks at you with His beautiful eyes, and He says you are a keeper! In your mess, you are a keeper! At your best, you are a keeper! He is the Keeper who never fails at providing constant care and protection.  So don’t look to man who is fickle to determine if you are a keeper. Instead, look to God knowing that He is the Keeper of all keepers, who amazingly thinks that you are also a keeper.

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Love Cost


We are often of the persuasion that love does not cost anything. Because of this misconception we settle for less than what we deserve and truly sabotage our own dream and desires.

This settling causes us to live in a sphere less than our true potential. We allow ourselves to become options in the life of others. Their actions further cause us to devalue ourselves as ostensibly we have become fixtures that can be removed and put in place at their own convenience.  We then become stuck at the revolving door not seemingly able to enter another phase or exit the current scene.

We sacrifice our heart, time and the essence of our being for broken individuals because we believe that we have invested too much to walk away empty.  We try to cover our wounds with band-aids and gauzes, but the laceration is so deep that blood runs profusely, further depleting our lives. However, if we could get in a clandestine area for a minute and unmask we would realize that everything around us screams vehemently that there is a price to pay for dreams and desires.

Nature teaches us that in order for a seed to become anything then it has to fall into the earth and pay the price of death. For a baby to be born then conception has to take place, and the mother has to pay the price of housing that seed for a period of nine months. It is the same with obtaining an education, becoming employed and just about any facet of life. There is a price to pay.

God taught us that love costs… and the price is heavy… love costs life. As such, if we are to accept this love then we, in turn, have to pay the price. David stated emphatically “I will not offer God that which costs me nothing.” Grace isn’t cheap!!!  So then, why would we allow someone to get our love for free? Why do we not ensure that they pay the price, pay the price of responsibility and integrity? Why do we not let them know what our standards are and what it takes for them to be a part of our lives?  Are we too fearful of being alone that we settle for half of a man, and broken relationships, hoping against all hope that we will be rewarded eventually for our patience or investment?  Are we so desperate to receive a profit or to break even that we subject ourselves to being used and abused?

Look in the mirror … after all your sacrifice, do you like what you see?  Is it not the time to pay the price to be free?  Is it not the two that shall become one? Then why continue to be deceived about two halves making a whole?  Open your eyes…be true to yourself. You are more valuable than your experience, more than the things that you have been labeled. Stop devaluing yourself and putting yourself on the discount rack. Your shelf life is not expiring so don’t put yourself on markdown.  You are worth more… a lot more!!! YOU ARE WORTH MORE!!!! Pay the price…fall in love with you. Dare to love what you don’t like about yourself.  The persons that deserve to be a part of your life will be more than willing to take note of you, probe for your value and then pay the full cost.  Remember YOU ARE WORTH MORE…A LOT MORE!!!! 9/17/14


Pungent Words

Caustic seeds were sown in the soil of the subconscious heart.

They began to germinate and sprout as constant ridicule watered them

It almost seems like they grew overnight into enormous oaks providing a place of refuge and shelter.

Onlookers faces become disfigured at sight, but they are unaware of its genesis

Pungent, sharp, waspish, acrimonious are things they whisper under their breath

If only they knew it took a long time coming and these pungent words are just a mere defense mechanism

An armor worn with honor from the many battles won.

Yes, it may seem acerbic but, it’s an armor covering inner fragility.

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In transition caught up in liminal space.

Not where I was, but not where I should be

Not who I was, but aspiring for who I should be

No longer holding on to what was solid, but rather reaching for what seemingly is air

Should be ecstatic about the growth so  far, but terrified that current condition may prevent me from grasping firmly on to what lies ahead

In between, in between the process that haunts like a bad dream.

Can’t help but wonder if gravity will prevail as suspended in air by sheer will power that defies the laws of nature.

Still can’t get caught up in thoughts of what may happen, rather focus on what is certain

Failure is not an option so I persist

If I die, I will die empty, so I stretch even the more

Allowing passion of hope to drive until I arrive knowing that it won’t make me ashamed.

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Sated Desire?


Can desires be sated or is it a fantasy?

The quest begins with voluminous ideas of attainable possibilities which grandeur alone leaves you breathless.   Yet, every step taken requires tremendous effort that leaves you aching in areas unbeknownst and saturated with perspiration. Reality is obscured  in the blind spot of the peripheral view, as the passion of desire devours  logic.

Halfway through the course, fatigue sets in. Goal attained and effort is  weighed in the balance. Ruminations  highlight the  insurmountable cost. Blood, sweat and tears already  poured out. How to regain what seemingly is lost? Nothing! Absolutely nothing, but to continue to push forward.  The voracious appetite of gaining will not allow you to quit. So you break your own barriers and remove all the limits. Finally, you arrive but the satisfaction is temporary, as the clock is reset and the cycle continues.

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Scorched Hope

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Hope in God starts as a bright spark. It is the spark that is necessary to get the fire blazing.  However, for flames to be produced, then it has to be oxygenated by trials and tribulations of life. It is fueled by unpleasant experiences that leaves us gasping for air at times. Unpropitiously, however, instead of keeping our eyes fixed on the Master we gaze on the boisterous winds and waves. This, unfortunately, results in our hope being scorched.

Scorched by intense heat of the vicissitudes of life which  leaves our hope dry, flaky, brittle and charred.  We no longer expect what God really has for us. Instead we begin to listen keenly to the wrong voice… the voice of the enemy and believe the lies that are even whispered.  Lies like “you are not good enough, you are not worth it, you will never succeed,  you will never be healed, you will forever have not enough to supply your needs, you are not lovable, etc. As the winds of life continue to blow, ounces  of your hope is also blown away … piece by piece. Eventually, all that is left is a tiny flicker deep within, and you are convinced it has no purpose. But I say that’s a lie.

That’s a lie because the Bible says “hope maketh not ashamed.” Yes, only a flicker is left, but it is filled with purpose, so hope again.  Come on you can do it! Hope against all hope! When you exercise that flicker, it will grow just like the muscles in your body when exercised. And the best part is that you will not be ashamed.

Read the word of God and let  it water that scorched area back to life. Remember the thoughts He has towards you are good and not evil, thoughts to give you an expected end. That which you hope for is what He wants to give. HOPE again!!!!

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Pleasure Seeking

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Pleasure seeking is the order of the day. Almost everyone is seeking how to please only themselves. Hardly anyone to lend a helping hand unless of course, it brings glory to themselves.  Me, myself and I is the mantra that’s sung on the lips of many.  Whenever the concept is challenged, then a plethora of excuses justifying our actions flow like a stream from the lips. None to stand firm admitting that this cannot continue as it degrades humanity.

The goals sought are idolized causing the One who deserves glory to fall second in rank. Much effort is given to ensure satisfaction that vanishes like a vapor once it has been acquired. Then the cycle continues like hamsters on wheels we run until we obtain the “drug” that never satisfies like the first “high”. It’s a real conundrum that should only be a dream. Yes, seeking to find is a principle that we should apply, but why seek pleasure that is solely seasonal?

We need to remove the scales from our eyes and have our vision realigned. What we should seek is the kingdom of God so that “all these things” can be added to us.  It’s better to seek Him as it requires less effort and the rewards are unmeasurable. In His presence, there remains “fullness” of joy, and at His right hand, there are pleasures forevermore.  Yes, I said FOREVERMORE! PLEASURE FOREVERMORE at His right hand. Not the kind of pleasure that dissipates or is seasonal, but pleasure that is always there forever lasting. Won’t you seek that pleasure?


Success -Mythical


To achieve success seems mythical. To achieve it one must be a lion with a unicorn horn and eagle’s wings as the pathway to success is never straight and filled with various obstacles.

Nevertheless, to achieve it we cannot focus on the pathway but focus on the goal. It must be embedded within our core that success can only be determined by the obstacles that we overcome. Some obstacles may just be small pebbles that we can easily pick up and throw over our shoulders whereas, others may mighty boulders that cannot even be lifted as such we may have to walk around them or climb over…needless, to say neither option is going to be easy.

To achieve success everything within you has to be employed. Yes, you may get tired and feel like quitting but, you will have to get past feelings and keep the goal at the focal point of your view. You may have to sing the mantra continuously as you climb the slope “winners never quit and failure is not an option”. While singing, your thighs will be burning, your back will be hurting, sweat will be dripping and lungs seem to consumed with the most vehement flame as it is difficult to even breathe… but continue to PUSH. Emotionally, you will be exhausted… but PUSH (PRAY, UNTIL, SOMETHING HAPPENS). You may slip and fall… but PUSH. It’s okay to rest for a bit…but get back up and PUSH.

I say PUSH because the rewards will far exceed the excruciating pain.  Not only that, if you don’t push you will never achieve as it will NOT happen by chance.  However, when you get there, you will experience the mythical joy of success. You will be among the few who can proudly tell the story of its mythical path.

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Thankful in chaos

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“In everything give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you.”

Sometimes being grateful in everything can be a real challenge. Truth be told when you examine your current seemingly disastrous situation being thankful may be the last on the list of things to do.  Yet the word admonishes us to be thankful in these situations as this is the will of God as it concerns your life.  What? ?  This catastrophic chaos is in His plan for you?  Yes, it is! I’m not kidding you. That chaos is what He is using to develop you into He designed you to be.

In the midst of trying to make sense of the chaos, we tend to forget that the environment in which we operate as children of God is controlled.  So the thing that seemingly is chaotic is under God’s  control. As such, it doesn’t need to make sense. Therefore,  as difficult as it may be don’t panic.  Don’t panic breathe instead.  Come on breathe…inhale and exhale slowly, as you repeat the process let out a praise of gratefulness.

Be grateful because you are alive and you are loved!  You are loved even in the midst of your mess! Now that you are aware get your praise on.

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