Scorched Hope

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Hope in God starts as a bright spark. It is the spark that is necessary to get the fire blazing.  However, for flames to be produced, then it has to be oxygenated by trials and tribulations of life. It is fueled by unpleasant experiences that leaves us gasping for air at times. Unpropitiously, however, instead of keeping our eyes fixed on the Master we gaze on the boisterous winds and waves. This, unfortunately, results in our hope being scorched.

Scorched by intense heat of the vicissitudes of life which  leaves our hope dry, flaky, brittle and charred.  We no longer expect what God really has for us. Instead we begin to listen keenly to the wrong voice… the voice of the enemy and believe the lies that are even whispered.  Lies like “you are not good enough, you are not worth it, you will never succeed,  you will never be healed, you will forever have not enough to supply your needs, you are not lovable, etc. As the winds of life continue to blow, ounces  of your hope is also blown away … piece by piece. Eventually, all that is left is a tiny flicker deep within, and you are convinced it has no purpose. But I say that’s a lie.

That’s a lie because the Bible says “hope maketh not ashamed.” Yes, only a flicker is left, but it is filled with purpose, so hope again.  Come on you can do it! Hope against all hope! When you exercise that flicker, it will grow just like the muscles in your body when exercised. And the best part is that you will not be ashamed.

Read the word of God and let  it water that scorched area back to life. Remember the thoughts He has towards you are good and not evil, thoughts to give you an expected end. That which you hope for is what He wants to give. HOPE again!!!!

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