Sated Desire?


Can desires be sated or is it a fantasy?

The quest begins with voluminous ideas of attainable possibilities which grandeur alone leaves you breathless.   Yet, every step taken requires tremendous effort that leaves you aching in areas unbeknownst and saturated with perspiration. Reality is obscured  in the blind spot of the peripheral view, as the passion of desire devours  logic.

Halfway through the course, fatigue sets in. Goal attained and effort is  weighed in the balance. Ruminations  highlight the  insurmountable cost. Blood, sweat and tears already  poured out. How to regain what seemingly is lost? Nothing! Absolutely nothing, but to continue to push forward.  The voracious appetite of gaining will not allow you to quit. So you break your own barriers and remove all the limits. Finally, you arrive but the satisfaction is temporary, as the clock is reset and the cycle continues.

Via Daily Prompt: Sated

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