An Opportunity for Great Joy

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It is a known fact as stated in the word of God that man (mere mortals, humans) that are born are of few days and full of trouble. It shows us just how fragile humans are and also that having severe problems frequently is a part of life. Yet, although this is no secret whenever we as humans face troubles, then we begin to panic. Fear set in and begins to paralyze us from accomplishing our goals. Hopeless thoughts of “woe is me” begins to flow through our minds like streams from an endless source. All that is seen by the mind’s eye is doom and gloom. Our immediate thought process is not “what a great opportunity for joy.” Something about the human psyche preclude us from associating problems with joy readily.  Honestly is tough to wrap our minds around problems bringing happiness or comfort. Nevertheless, the word of God admonishes us that when faced with troubles of any kind that we should consider it an opportunity for great joy. Troubles of ANY KIND – meaning no matter how much or whatever classification it falls it should be regarded as an occasion for great comfort. This alludes to the fact that problems in your health, finance, marriage, relationship, etc. are not what they look like; they are not harassment, agitation, hassle, tribulation, suffering, grief, heartache, misery, etc. Instead, they are KAIROS moments for bliss, euphoria, exhilaration, happiness and joy.

It is also a known fact that a lobster shell does not grow. In fact, whenever a lobster is in the growth process it gets to a stage where it is too big for its shell, and it is in a place of constant agitation. Now it could remain in that place of problem and remain stagnant or even die. However, because it recognizes that the problem of not being able to fit in its shell is an opportunity to get beyond its current size it gets within a safe place and get out of its shell and continue to grow until a new shell is formed on its flesh. Taking a lesson from the lobster, could it mean that when faced with problems all we need to do is to get out of our current shell and get to a safe place where we hide in God and grow until a new “shield of protection” is formed around the areas that are soft/fragile. Could it really mean that all the problems that we are faced with are just in our lives for us to grow and when growth takes place then we will be delighted?

Whatever the issue you are faced with, I implore you to take another look at it. Let the scales fall from your eyes and truly see it for what it really is…a moment for you to grow and have joy. That broken heart, loss of job, loss of loved one, loss of a friend, failed exam, loss of a car, loss of a house or whatever earthly possession took place so that you can grow and have joy. I know that currently, your mind is echoing that this is how things will remain for the remainder of your days, but that is not the truth. Things are about to change as all you need to do it get out of that shell that is too small for you. Get out of that place of darkness that you have found your heart and mind – that shell is too small. Get under the ROCK and hide. Stay there and endure the process of being alone until a new shell is formed. God wants you to have a bigger shell, a larger sphere of influence, a greater impact on those you are associated with. He wants you to get to a stage where you can feed others. Joy awaits you- get out of your current shell that is too small- step into greatness – cease your Kairos moment.

12/6/16 Dr. R.A.