Thankful in chaos

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“In everything give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you.”

Sometimes being grateful in everything can be a real challenge. Truth be told when you examine your current seemingly disastrous situation being thankful may be the last on the list of things to do.  Yet the word admonishes us to be thankful in these situations as this is the will of God as it concerns your life.  What? ?  This catastrophic chaos is in His plan for you?  Yes, it is! I’m not kidding you. That chaos is what He is using to develop you into He designed you to be.

In the midst of trying to make sense of the chaos, we tend to forget that the environment in which we operate as children of God is controlled.  So the thing that seemingly is chaotic is under God’s  control. As such, it doesn’t need to make sense. Therefore,  as difficult as it may be don’t panic.  Don’t panic breathe instead.  Come on breathe…inhale and exhale slowly, as you repeat the process let out a praise of gratefulness.

Be grateful because you are alive and you are loved!  You are loved even in the midst of your mess! Now that you are aware get your praise on.

via Daily Prompt: Chaotic

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