Success -Mythical


To achieve success seems mythical. To achieve it one must be a lion with a unicorn horn and eagle’s wings as the pathway to success is never straight and filled with various obstacles.

Nevertheless, to achieve it we cannot focus on the pathway but focus on the goal. It must be embedded within our core that success can only be determined by the obstacles that we overcome. Some obstacles may just be small pebbles that we can easily pick up and throw over our shoulders whereas, others may mighty boulders that cannot even be lifted as such we may have to walk around them or climb over…needless, to say neither option is going to be easy.

To achieve success everything within you has to be employed. Yes, you may get tired and feel like quitting but, you will have to get past feelings and keep the goal at the focal point of your view. You may have to sing the mantra continuously as you climb the slope “winners never quit and failure is not an option”. While singing, your thighs will be burning, your back will be hurting, sweat will be dripping and lungs seem to consumed with the most vehement flame as it is difficult to even breathe… but continue to PUSH. Emotionally, you will be exhausted… but PUSH (PRAY, UNTIL, SOMETHING HAPPENS). You may slip and fall… but PUSH. It’s okay to rest for a bit…but get back up and PUSH.

I say PUSH because the rewards will far exceed the excruciating pain.  Not only that, if you don’t push you will never achieve as it will NOT happen by chance.  However, when you get there, you will experience the mythical joy of success. You will be among the few who can proudly tell the story of its mythical path.

via Daily Prompt: Mythical

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