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It took some time to get here

All the way atop

Blood, sweat, and tears

Joints ached, skinned bruised

Yet I continued to climb

Some slopes were very steep and slippery

My mind was filled with the uncertainty of how to maneuver

Yet I crawled when I was too weak to walk

As I was determined to get to the top

Finally, I saw the exquisitely magnificent view

The beautiful rays of the sun and gorgeous rainbow

I stretched my hands out and inhaled so deeply

Exhaling crisp, clean oxygen

I looked on knowing the journey has not end

As there is still higher peaks around

But my heart was happy to know that I have yet survived

I rested a little

Regaining my strength as I reminisced on the journey to the top

Anxiously awaiting the next adventure to the top


3/15/17 Dr.R.A.


via Photo Challenge: Atop

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