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We all have different reasons that drive our actions. Some are more focused on helping others that are hurting. Their hearts are genuine and filled with goodness. Whereas, some are more focused on profiting from those who are hurting while pretending to help them. These individuals will pretend to be your friend so that they can be aware of what is happening in your life and then try to destroy you.

As individuals, we need to be very careful. We should be careful not only as it pertains to interacting with other people but also be mindful of our own motives for performing a task. Examination of self and motives should be practiced by everyone. Especially when the thing we want to do is what we consider major that may cause a spotlight to be focused on us we should examine our motives. Is our heart pure and genuine or filled with the deception of personal gain?

What is the driving force behind our actions? Do our actions give glory to God?

3.18.2017 Dr.R.A.


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