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The true nature of a person is not always seen is moments of comfort or convenience. Most persons tend to be extremely polite and friendly whenever things are going well in their life. However, whenever a person perceives that the “sky is falling” in their life, then their demeanor changes. This is the moment when what is on the inside of someone will begin to be revealed.

The Bible tells of a story about a man named Job who faced great misfortune of having lost all his riches and children in a day. As if his situation was not bad enough, he then lost his health and had his wife encourage him to curse God and die. His friends that initially came with the intent of comforting him started to have disputing conversations with him, accusing him of sinning. His true character, however, shone forth as he continued to give praise to God.

What controversy are you faced with today? What characteristics are shining from within? Are you able to still give God glory in the midst of a dispute?

3/18/2017 Dr.R.A.

via Daily Prompt: Controversy

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