Facing Fears

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Often when we are fearful, we have a tendency to cower and hide. Fear causes our nervous system to be flooded with endorphins. These emotions transmitted throughout our body cause us to sweat, our heart race (beating so hard like it is about to break free from our chest), the hair on our necks rise and our legs shake. Every member of our body seemingly shuts down with the exception of our emotions. This causes us to generalize fear as that which cripples hampers and prevents us from walking in purpose and possess that which belongs to us. However, what if we could look at fear from another perspective. What if fear could be viewed as that which propels, pushes, and catapults us into the place that we need to be? What if fear is the ultimate driving force? What if fear is the really the gateway to freedom?

Life is consist of both mountain and valley experiences.  Our perspectives often get skewed into thinking that there are more valley experiences than there are mountain top experiences. However, this is not the case as valleys are located between two mountains. Some valleys are wide whereas others are narrow which aids in our distorted view. Nevertheless, no matter how long, wide, short, narrow or dark our valleys may be what we should never lose focus of is that God is always present. Psalm 23 states “even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death you are with me.”  Because God is there the death that we see is only a shadow which cannot exist without the light. As such, God who is ‘light’ is guiding our steps so that we do not utterly fall in the darkness.This does not mean we will not encounter pain or sorrow, it simply means that no matter what happens we are on God’s watch, and if God is watching us and is for us, then nothing can stand against.  Knowing this we really should not fear. Notwithstanding we do and blame it on being human. This action is not a thing of the present as it has been occurring since olden times.

The Bible tells a story about the children of Israel who we sent to spy out the promised land. When there returned of the twelve that went only two had a good report and believed that they were able to possess the land. The others cowered in fear and wanted to forfeit that which was already given to them. They opted to for “flight” instead of “fight.” Only two were able to see that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

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Only two were able to see that what they feared was the gateway to freedom. Overcoming the fear would allow them to enjoy the blessings of the promise. Everything that they desired was on the other side of fear.

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Only two chose to move forward in spite of fear trusting God to make possible that which He had promised. Fear was their ultimate driving force to obtain the promise of possessing the land. They knew that if they “fight” they would win.

Are you aware that you were born to win, to prosper and to rise? Do you know that defeat is not a part of the expected end that God has for you? What is is that you fear? Will you use that fear to propel you to the place you were destined to be? Will you face your fear so that you can experience freedom?

Prayer: God you see all the things hides in the dark areas of our hearts and minds that haunt us and causes us to fear. Today we are asking that you shed your light in these areas so that the darkness can be dispelled and fear dissipate. Please empower us to use fear to propel us into becoming and doing that which you have called us. Remove the scales from our eyes so that we can see that fear is only the gateway to our freedom. Take full control over everything that concerns us and let your divine will be done. Amen.

3/30/17 Dr.R.A.