The Reason I write

The Bible says to “guard our hearts with all diligence because out of it flows the issues of life”. This may seem very vague as there is no outline as to how to guard it…no series or steps and definitely no recipe as to how to produce the desired result.  This results in individuals taking the scenic route of various trial and error processes and if we learn from these “trial and error” then we become that much wiser and cautious to following this advice.  We eventually learn that when this advice is not keenly adhered to then indelible impressions are etched on our person. It for this reason that I write and pour out the issues within. 11/13/16


5 thoughts on “The Reason I write”

  1. Dear Dr. R.A.,
    I believe that though our issues vary we all have those things within that cause us to struggle, and even feel like we’re stifling sometimes. Being able to empty ourselves of these things lightens us, frees us and enables to grow.
    I look forward to further blogs as we expose the “Issues from the heart”.

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    1. Hi KFP. It is a pleasure hearing from you and agree that although our issues may differ we have a common variable and that is the “struggle”. I will continue to let the “Issues from the Heart” flow… 🙂


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