Filthy Rag


Not a spot that’s clean.

Not an area unblemished.

Everywhere that’s seen is tattered and tarnished.

Muck and grim protruding from within


Filthy, filthy, disgustingly dirty can only be viewed as completely unworthy

Mere mortals efforts to make it clean proves futile when examined by the One that’s unseen

No amount of alms given, no amount of good deeds can change the perspective of the heavenly King.


What can I do? Who can help? This really can’t be the absolute end.

I scurry around, frantic to find one that can cleanse such a one as my kind.

Alas, I heard a voice so clear, saying come my child only draw near.

I followed the voice with acuity until I but see my Savior with arms wide open.


Breathless, I ran into His arms,  to escaped the cold and embrace warmth.

Then He gently whispered, “You are now cleansed as you have been washed by the stream unseen”

I began to sob uncontrollably on His shoulders, as joy flooded my heart

I am no longer blemished,mucky, grimy, tattered and tarnished

My filthy rag has been made righteous.

via Daily Prompt: Filthy

2 thoughts on “Filthy Rag”

  1. Dear Dr. R.A.
    This is often how we see ourselves and it engenders a certain degree of self inflicted harshness. How can we get beyond that place of constant self inflicted judgement?

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    1. Dear KF Peart I must admit that your comment is true as we are usually our toughest critic. So I would say that it must start with us cutting ourselves some ‘slacks’. We must learn to love ourselves. By that I mean everything about us even our “filth”. When we get to that place of loving ourselves then love will ‘cover the multitude of sins” and self inflicted judgement will diminish.


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