Sacred Silence

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Pandemonium everywhere, tumult filled the air

Constant chitter chatter

Wheels turning, horns honking, pots whistling,

Wind blowing, thunder blasting, blades spinning

Birds chirping, snakes rattling, wolves howling,

Bees buzzing, dogs barking, children screaming,

Bells ringing, music playing, phones blaring.

It’s a ruckus, that’s what it is!

They say silence is golden

And so I ask “where oh where can it be found?”

It’s not in schools, churches, hospitals or homes

Definitely not in a nursery or in a monastery.

Is it under a rock somewhere far into a cave?

Oh sacred silence, be thou no longer hidden

Show thyself, so there can be peace

Demonstrate the beauty of your sacredness silence

Shhh….oh Silence!

via Daily Prompt: Sacred

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