Man: I love you

Woman: I love you

Man: I love you more

Woman: I love you more

The constant back and forth of who loves who more is the theme of every conversation in newly established relationships.

The desire to speak and be in each other presence consistently rages like a fire with the most vehement flame.

Sharing of dreams, desires, accomplishments, hopes and fears builds a bond that seemingly is indestructible.

Both parties have wings and strength to run through troops and leap over walls.

Giggling is the order of the day until the appearance of a pot hole on the smoothly paved roadway called love.

Why would there be such an imperfection on a pathway that seemed flawless?

Keen attention to the defects results in further erosion of what was perceived to be unbreakable.

Declaration of who love more no longer reverberating

Laughter dissipates

Passion vanishes with conflict like frost when the sun comes out

via Daily Prompt: Vanish

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