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We spend our lives looking to build relationships with others that can be trusted. At the initial state of meeting an individual, we approach them with caution. Every action and speech from that individual are under heavy scrutiny.  If they do something good we analyze what is the motive behind their action. Peradventure they do something we consider “wrong” then we “write off” that individual like a terrible accident. Life’s experiences have taught us to use amber lights when dealing with others. This could be classified as a natural instinct in self-preservation. We make considerable efforts to prevent our vulnerabilities from being exposed. Our preservation instincts have resulted in us manifesting the mantra ‘trust is earned not given’.  As such every person we meet is guilty until proven innocent.

This attitude has been so deeply ingrained in us that often when we approach God, we serve Him “prove who you are” on a platter.   We indirectly demand “prove that you love me, prove that you are for me.” At the onset of the slightest disappointment, we run away from Him and question whether or not He really does care. Although we may believe that this is the right approach to life I dare to say there is another way. The other way is to trust God without reservations and watch Him do exploits in our lives. Have confidence in God!

In the Book of Luke chapter 7, we read a story of a Roman officer who had a slave who was sick and near death. This officer heard about Jesus and miracles that He was performing. The stories that he heard build his confidence that he sent to ask if Jesus could come and heal the slave. When Jesus was on His way to heal the girl the officer sent some friends again and expressed he was not worthy of Jesus coming to his house as such He should speak the word and the servant would be healed. His trust in Jesus’ ability was at the peak that without having met Him or seen Him perform miracles, he was confident that Jesus could be relied on.  He had more confidence in Jesus that even those who had seen Him perform miracles after miracles.

My prayer is that as believers we will have confidence in God like this Roman officer – that we would possess”GODFIDENCE”. That we would dare to believe God at the very word that He speaks. Why? Because God can be trusted! His words will never return unaccomplished. Whatever He speaks will come to pass! Yes, at times we may have to wait for the vision to be manifested, BUT it WILL come to pass. No matter how impossible it may seem, it will come to pass. Yes, you may not have experienced Him working personally, but that does not lessen His ability. Have Godfidence and watch Him do it.

As we go throughout our day let GODFIDENCE be on display!!!


01/04/17 Dr. R.A.



4 thoughts on “Confidence”

  1. I enjoy reading your words of inspiration, more importantly when my mind drifts to an uncomfortable place a/k/a the dark zone. As humans we all experience various emotions. Keeping those negative emotions at bay is the key. Reading your spiritual words of wisdom helps to confirm that whatever roadblocks anyone may be experiencing in time will pass. Just take a moment to reflect back at ones life …all of the trials and tribulations …God will see us through. My favorite saying is “and this too shall pass.”

    Dr. R.A. You have a wonderful gift of writing that can help so many people. Please continue to offer your words of wisdom and positive outlook on life because we only have one to live and it”s imperative that we make the best of this wonderful gift of life no matter how tough things may seem at times. God Bless.

    Your sister in Christ …Lisa P.

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    1. Hi Lisa thank you so much for the compliments. I will endeavor to continue to write so that others can be blessed. I am happy that you are enjoying what you have been reading. God bless you continually


  2. Thank you for your words of encouragement. And yes, from this day forward, I’ll face every struggle with Godfidence. I love this word!

    Also, if you don’t mind, I tagged you in “2016/2017 TAG”.

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    1. Hi wittmummy thank you for tagging me. I am glad that you were blessed by these words. We often struggle from time to time but with Godfidence we will have the victory. Bless you!


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