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I’ve heard the sweetest story on the tongues of mortal men

One so saccharine, it bid me draw closer

It was a story of love and not just lust or fantasy

Such love, I have never known before or even dreamed

Quite frankly the view of such love left my thoughts completely twisted

It was a love that I needed, but never knew or thought existed

But in my state of oblivion, the story of Your love emerged

And like a radiant light shone in darkness it left my heart panting for more

To know that someone would die for me on Calvary’s tree

Paying the price of for debt they did not owe

Just to prove their love for me

Left me flabbergasted and amazed

So to show my appreciation I surrendered my life

And continue to spread not just the good but great news

Of One who possesses and showers others with a love that is unexplainable.


2/8/17 Dr.R.A.

via Daily Prompt: Heard

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