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Some of us think of ourselves as superheroes. We get up every day and try to put out as many fires as possible and rescue as many people  as we can.  Although it may be a tiring and not financially rewarding job, it brings satisfaction to know our efforts helped someone have a beautiful day. Our lives consist of a constant  “ripping and running.” We do not focus on ourselves and our immediate needs but on others. Unfortunately however,  just like superman we have kryptonite that weakens us and our ability to perform. It is in moments like those that we are the ones standing in need.

I can’t honestly say that today was one of my weak days,  but it was one of those days that receiving a reminder filled me with gratitude.

So here is the story.  I came into my office to review my schedule for the day.  I did not do my usual greetings as I sat for awhile  diving into work. I had to leave the office for a brief minute and when I returned my light was off.  I  didn’t think anything of it as I knew that my friend had come to visit as he had not seen me as yet.  So I flipped the switch walked over to my desk and on my keyboard there was a note.  It was nothing I had not read before.  As a matter of fact I’ve seen the exact quote numerous times before.  I  read it quickly and was about to put it away when there was an urge to read it again.

This time I held the note in my hand and read it slowly.  It said “Good morning! This is God,  I will be handling all of your problems today.  I  will not need your help.  So,  relax and have a great day. ” I began to think of the many issues that I would love God to fix in my life some of which I consider to be mountainous. Some of  which although I’ve swept under the rug needed to handled as paramount emergencies. And to be reminded that God will be handling all those issues brought some comfort to me.

I re-read the part that says “I will not need your help.” I started to think of all the times I’ve tried to help God fix things in my life (only to make things worse) and chuckled.  I said okay God I will not help.  I’m leaving these into Your capable hands.

I shared this because reminders are good and necessary to have.   Not point out that we don’t know something, but serves to bring awareness to the forefront of our minds.

Today I’m grateful for reminders.

2.15.17 Dr.R.A.

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