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Stop doing diddly-squat


As humans we spend an enormous  amount of time looking in the rearview mirror of our lives. Looking at “what if,” “could have”, “would have “, and “should have”, etc. while the present time passes is by.  We do diddly squat with our time that will be beneficial to our future.

Today let’s make an effort to change our customs. Let’s break the routine of monotony. Stop being complacent with doing diddly squat. There is a bright future waiting for us and all that is being required is our effort. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.  It doesn’t have to be something grand. Little efforts count also. Even if it is a change in your thought pattern. Stop procrastinating. Be consistent and you will be rewarded. STOP DOING DIDDLY SQUAT!!!

2.16.17 Dr.R.A.

via Daily Prompt: Squat

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