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A Good Match

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At times we are misguided into thinking that a good match would be someone who is identical to us.

To the contrary, however, a good match is often that which is one that is opposite.

If you are the “yin” then a good match would be the “yang”

Image result for yin yang

If you are a magnet then a good match would be steel.

Image result for magnet and steel

Ask a socket what would be a good match?

Image result for socket

and the reply would be a plug

Image result for plug

To fit a jigsaw puzzle together then the pieces have to be different to fit.

Therefore if you are looking for a good match, then look at opposites.

Yes, it would be nice to be two peas in a pod, but peas in pods do not fit together.

However, negatives and positives do attract, so look for your opposite

Image result for negative and positive atoms


2.25.17 Dr.R.A.

via Photo Challenge: A Good Match

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