Where God Guides

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Sometimes it is hard to wrap our minds around the direction that our lives are taking. Especially when we have committed our lives to Him (God).  The path often seems meandering, mountainous, deserted, arid, etc. The environment often causes us to wonder whether or not we are really being led? Whether we should continue on the path? Whether we should quit, look for another route or just turn back. Our minds are usually filled and overflowing with questions as we do not know where we are heading but blindly walking by faith. At times we question whether or not even our needs will be met as the landscape screams there is not supply here! However regardless of what it seems like if we could dare to continue on the path, we will see that wherever God guides He truly does provides.

The Bible tells of a story regarding a prophet, the servant of God who was doing the will of God and in a place of famine. The famine was so severe that the brook dried up where he was located. Knowing the condition of the environment the Lord instructed him to Zarephath where a widow will supply his needs. This was strange as the famine also existed in Zarephath. As a matter of fact, when he got there the widow who was to provide for him only had her last meal for herself and child. Looking from the outside, we may say that is a crazy instruction. How can someone who has nothing herself take care of all your needs?

Nevertheless, he did not allow his intellect to prevent him from obtaining a blessing or being a blessing. He followed the instructions of the Lord. When he arrived, he instructed the widow what she should do, which was to bake him a cake first. Of the little that she had that could only make one cake to share with her child he wanted a cake first. Preposterous we may say! Nonetheless, she in turned obey the prophet of God and had more than enough for the remaining duration of the famine.

The moral of the story is that wherever God guides He provides and wherever He leads He supplies needs.

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If God is leading you and the path seem dark and treacherous have no fear. I know sometimes it is easier said than done. But remember, the will of God will never take you where the miracles of God cannot be done for you. Trust Him and obey. His promises do hinge on your obedience. Obey and receive your miracle!

3.3.17 Dr.R.A.

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