Value of Wisdom

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We live in an era where knowledge has increased exponentially. Accessing knowledge regarding any subject matter can be done in seconds. Everything we desire to know is at our fingertips. We evolved into a generation of knowledge seekers thinking that having knowledge is the pinnacle. However,  although knowledge is good wisdom is better.

So what is wisdom? Well, basically wisdom is the application of knowledge. It is that which causes us to have a better and easier life. Wisdom is to be valued above all things as it is profitable.

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Widom is the greatest achievement that one can gain. It positions us to achieve the desires of our heart.

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Wisdom is a shelter. It also gives us the right perspective in life and provides us with the power to live. Knowledge without wisdom is like having an ax, however, the blade is not sharpened.  Using such an ax will not only make that which we are trying to accomplish more difficult but it will also cause harm to our body. The Bible states in Ecc. 10:10 that “using a dull ax requires great strength.” It admonishes us that the blade should be sharpened. The text further tells us that the value of wisdom is that it helps us to succeed.

We all want to be successful in life but the only way to accomplish that is to value wisdom.  Today our prayer should be “Lord cause my wisdom to increase.” It is time for us to examine our life and see whatever is lacking and ask God to supply.

3.6.17 Dr.R.A.

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