Forced to Turn Around


On this journey called life, we are often encountered with roadblocks. Usually, there is no advance notice that there is construction taking place along the route until you are at the precise location and see signs for a detour. These digressions often lead to frustration because one has to take the scenic route,  usually longer to arrive at the destination. Additionally, the new route is often filled with traffic and other drivers who are trying to figure our how to get to their destination. This leads to a delay in the speed at which one can travel. If we are not careful, our attitudes can influence us to quit altogether and take on the task another day, which may or may not happen.

As it is in the natural, so it is in the spirit. Whenever we are on the pathway to our promise, we never like to become interrupted. Delays and scenic routes are definitely not welcomed. Almost immediately we feel the urge to resist. Although we may not appreciate or understand the need for a change in our course the fact of the matter is that we have to change direction and should be more willing to accept change. What? Yes, I said it, sometimes we need to be more willing to accept change, especially in the direction we are traveling. Why? Because it will not affect our promise.

In the book of Numbers, we are told a story of the children of Isreal traveling to the land which the Lord promised. Along their journey, they need to pass through the land of Moab to get to their destination quicker. The Moabites came out in numbers to deter them from walking through the land. The Israelites tried to bargain with the Moabites by letting them know they will pay for anything they have consumed. Nevertheless, the Moabites insisted that the Israelites could not walk through the land.

The Israelites now had a decision to make. They were either going to remain in the wilderness and never obtain the promise, or they were going to turn around and find another route. The choice to turn around was not theirs. The fact remains they were being forced by the Moabites to turn around. They were not given advanced notice that there will be a detour ahead. They just had to turn around when they arrived and head back in the direction from which they had traveled.

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Sometimes the enemy will force us just like the Moabites did to turn around. Now what is important is that they still had a promise of getting the land of Canaan as their inheritance. The fact also remains that although they had to turn around, they still received the promise. Additionally, because of the actions of the Moabites, the Lord promised to wipe them off the earth.  This should further encourage us that when the enemy comes out against us on our journey to the promised land, we will get there even if we have to turn around and the Lord will fight our battles thus taking care of our enemies.

Turn around if you must, but do not let roadblocks become barriers to your belief in obtaining the promise.

3/8/17 Dr.R.A.

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