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Your grip on me is tenacious

Preventing me from slipping

Holding tightly You pull me up

Until my foot is firmly placed on solid ground.

Even when I think I can’t make it and want to walk away

Your love tenaciously constrains me

Giving me strength for another day

Had it not been for Your grip I would certainly fail

So I am eternally grateful for this tenacious love affair.


4/10/17 Dr.R.A.

via Daily Prompt: Tenacious

4 thoughts on “Tenacious”

  1. Your a multifaceted gem who loves to worship the God of angel armies?… Saw this and there was absolutely no question as to whether or not Id hitter follow button:).. Lovely.. True… WORD!!…:)

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  2. Hello again,
    I really like your creative use of the Daily Word posts. I participate now and again but the way you use it has inspired me. I’m a long-winded writer and you’ve given me an idea as to how to use these prompts to introduce shorter posts. Thank you.

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    1. Hello again ladycee 🙂 Yes I know what you mean. I am a bit long winded sometimes also. So with the daily word I try to make them very concise. I am happy to know it could be an inspiration

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