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Whenever we feel like we have been wronged, we have the propensity of wanting to get even. Our perception is somewhat twisted as we believe that the only way to feel good about what caused harm is to return the favor. Perhaps we may say it is our old Adamic nature or society’s culture that causes us to react this way. Whatever the reason we use to justify our actions does not negate that it is wrong. Instead of constantly repeating an eye for and eye behavior we should look to forgive.  I am in nowise saying that this is an easy thing to practice, but it is doable and will cause more joy than pain. Whenever we do not forgive we entrap ourselves behind the proverbial bars of steel. Yes, we may prevent ourselves from being hurt, but we also inhibit ourselves from experiencing pure joy.

As rewarding as vengeance may seem it will leave the soul void of untainted satisfaction. Remember hurting people hurt people as such we should view things through those lenses. Besides, if we retaliate on our own behalf, we robbed God of fighting our battles for us. Remember the word tells us that vengeance belongs to the Lord and He will repay. Allow God to fight on your behalf and to give you the ultimate victory.

Today examine the temperature of your spirit. Is it hot with angry and boiling over with vengeful thoughts? Is your spirit freezing cold so that you have become callous to individuals and situations? Do you need to defrost so that you can show emotions and be compassionate? Is your spirit temperature just right so that you can forgive those that has caused harm and repay good for evil? The Bible says that let a man examine himself to see if he is in the faith.

No matter what we have experienced and how hurtful it may have been it does not give us the right to do wrong and repay evil with evil. Instead, we should let go and let God fight for us. After all, there is not a victory like one that God gives.

Prayer: Lord help us to be able to turn the other cheek.  Break the stronghold of a vengeful spirit from operating in our lives. Strengthen us to rest in You. Empower us to apply the principle of Your word and forgive 70 x 7 in a day. Remind us that all things will work together for our good as long as we love You. Let us trust Your sovereignty. Amen. 

53/23/2017 Dr.R.A.

6 thoughts on “Vengeance”

  1. This is really true…”we may prevent ourselves from being hurt, but we also inhibit ourselves from experiencing pure joy.” If there is any joy, it is a shameful and embarrassing kind of joy that we will only regret later, I think. I’m really glad that you used the word “vengeance.” Too often we soften it up by saying, “showing them” or “teaching them a lesson.” It’s still something that belongs to God, not us…”vengeance is mine saith the Lord”! Thanks for this great reminder!

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  2. They say “call a spade a spade”, sin is just sin, no watering down or measure. Unforgiveness hinders blessings and God works to be done through an individual. Again i am truly blessed by one of your peaces. I echo the previous comment made. Vengance is not ours, its the Lord. God is awesome. Be blessed in Jesus name.

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  3. Thank you for this timely reminder. I like that idea of taking the temperature of your spirit.
    The more I experience the ugliness of my fellow men and examine my own response to their behaviour, the more I marvel and appreciate how gracious Jesus was when he was plotted against, mocked and ridiculed. How he the King of kings and Lord of lords just stood and allowed vile men to abuse and humiliate him when he had come to save them, shows me I have a long way to go in following in his footsteps. What an example of pure love! What an example of crucifying his flesh.
    Bless you. And thank you for sharing.

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    1. Ladycee thank you for reading. Yes, I agree with you that how Jesus reacted does cause me to marvel also. We have all fallen short of His examples time and time again. But the journey of a thousand miles all begin with one step. Keep on walking.

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