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Walking alone on this path wondering where You are

The darkness surround like a thick blanket

As I continue to trod the mountains echo my breath

With each new stride, fear tries to  conquer

Where are You? Where are You?

A little panicky I utter

Yet I keep on stepping

Because although I can’t trace You, I must trust You

You know the plans that You have for me

Your footsteps outline the path I should take

So I follow closely along with confidence

Because I know Your thoughts towards me are good and not evil

Therefore, I sashay and take comfort in knowing that You will bring me to my expected end.


5/31/2017 Dr.R.A.

via Daily Prompt: Trace

7 thoughts on “Trace”

    1. You are most welcome Leila. Thank you for reading and for the pronounced blessing. God knows what we need and how to supply it. Continue to trust Him when you cannot trace Him. God bless you!

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    1. Hi Anne it is good to know that you enjoyed it. It is even better to know that you were blessed by it and it met your need for today. Some days are like that … wondering where is God in what you are going through. But the footsteps that are evident gives us clues to where He is. May you be continually blessed. Thank you for reading

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