Mountains #Cliff#Faith#Solitude#Deliverance#Holiness#Possession#Bible


Hello everyone happy sunday hope you had a restful weekend?

Mountains are significant in the Bible and not only does scripture use them in a physical sense but scripture also uses mountains in a symbolic and prophetic sense as well.

When you’re on a mountain top you think of yourself as being closer to God due to being so far above sea level. Thereare many people in the bible that encountered God on mountain tops.

What’s the point of praying if we do not believe what we are praying about will come to pass? God wants us to expect His promises, provision, protection, and deliverance when we pray for them.
Sometimes we pray without any faith at all. First, we doubt the love of God and then we doubt that God can answer us. God isn’t happy when His children doubt Him and His love. Scripture teaches us…

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