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Naked and Not Ashamed

Gen 2:25 “And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”

This verse is well known and is usually viewed solely from the perspective of a husband and wife relationship. I am in no wise saying that the context in which it was written and exegeted was not for that purpose, but I somehow want to expand the horizon to this text. I truly believe that for life to have any significant meaning, then it has to be defined in terms of relationships. I say this because even before a person is born into the world, they encounter some degree of intimate relationship. As the baby is being developed in the womb, a bond is formed (intimate relationship) between the mother and that child. Therefore, as it disembodies the cocoon of safety, it cries as it experience’s the separation from the intimacy to which it was familiar. As I examined this text, I could not help but wonder if this is the way the Creator had designed for us all to cohabitate on this sphere called earth.

Naked speaks to being void of natural covering, not being enclosed in a scabbard. Whereas, ashamed highlights an individual’s feeling of being embarrassed or guilty because of their actions, characteristics or associations. Could it be that God really wanted us to dwell together without being covered by the mask that we hide ourselves in when interacting with each other because if they saw who we really were (our weakness enveloped in strength) they would stamp us as a reject? Could it be that we are capable of seeing each other’s “weaknesses and flaws” and yet still love? Love in the truest form as defined in the book of Corinthians, so that intimacy could be developed and relationships formed and solidified. Could it be that because of fear we clothe our persona in shame? Ashamed of our past and present experience and situations that we lived through, that formed us into the beautiful person that we hide because of the need to self-preserve!

You may not have noticed, but I said LIVED THROUGH. Yes, you LIVED THROUGH it, and you are STILL ALIVE.  Yes, you may not be the typical soft-spoken individual or the embodiment of perfection personified. Yes, you have struggled and are still struggling with external and internal forces, but you are ALIVE.

You being alive simply means that you need to step into the liberty to which you have been called to walk in. Being naked and not ashamed. Not living and defining yourself by the perception of others or the perceptions that you have of yourself because they have been embedded in your psyche as a result of society’s culture…but rather living naked and not ashamed. The Bible says that there is, therefore, no condemnation to them that are walking in Christ who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit. This simple means that there is no need to be ashamed of your past or present as those things are molding you into who you are. You see the “spirit man” is the real you…the authentic you. Break the limitation off and begin to walk into the liberty to which you have been called.  Walking in chains and bandages is exhausting.  Take them off!! Break free from the cave of limitations and self-preservation. There is a range of climatic conditions to experience outside of the cave. It’s time to self-actualize. It’s time for freedom walk… it’s time to let the authentic you come forth. It’s time to be NAKED and NOT ASHAMED!!!


2 thoughts on “Naked and Not Ashamed”

  1. Being human can be so simple, yet so complicated sometimes. Being naked and unashamed is such a deep topic and one I have contemplated on many occasions. Being willing to be ourselves, accepting what we have and are becoming. Then to show the world our true nature with no embarrassment. Few experience this; self included at times.

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