Do Not Quit! Do Not Faint!

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For I am on the verge of collapse; and my pain is always with me. Psalm 38:17

Sometimes the road that we travel on in this journey called life can be so painstakingly difficult. It may seem like a constant uphill climb where pit stops for refreshment are very few and far in between. Additionally, the frigid tempestuous wind that it is packaged with can result in one wanting to give up the climb. Thoughts of quitting outline the membranes  of our brains and we find ourselves at the point of exhaustion.

Quitting speaks to permanently leaving, which simply means that the task will forever remain undone.  Although this seems like the easier route, I dare to say that it is not. What?? Yes, I repeat, quitting is not the simplest way as the path is paved with regrets. “What if” and “I should have” are some of the songs that saturate the air, which is evocative, to say the least. As such, DO NOT QUIT!!! Instead of quitting press on until you reach your destination. Do not be afraid of living!!

On the other hand, sometimes we find ourselves in an even more dangerous state – the state of fainting.  Fainting speaks to losing consciousness due to insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain. This refers to us continuing the journey, but not being cognizant of the experiences. Yes, it allows us to not feel the pain of the process of walking the path. However, it also blocks the joys from flooding our souls. I say it is a dangerous state because from the outside it seems like we are living, but we are just empty shells maneuvering. DO NOT REMAIN in that menacing place. I am in nowise saying that we may not experience being on the verge of being in such a place, as that would not be true. As a matter of fact, even the patriarchs of old have found themselves in this predicament. David stated that he was on the verge of collapse because his pain was always with him. Nevertheless, it was on this edge that he cried out to God. He also said that he had almost fainted unless he believed to see the goodness of God in the land of the living. The example that he has left for us is that we should continually cry out to God. Cry out to Him when we are weak and drowning in oceans of despair. Cry out to God when we are at the brink of falling apart, quitting or fainting. When we cry to God, He will hear us and deliver us from whatever we are facing. Now remember deliverance may not come in the way or the time that you are expecting, but God will deliver … so be alert.  Whatever you do, DO NOT QUIT and DO NOT FAINT!!  Cry out to God and believe to see His goodness in your life while you are alive.

12.19.16 Dr.R.A.

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