Value Yourself

Life experiences can sometimes erode self-worth. These experiences flow over us like a stream flowing over rocks causing them to become smooth due to the process of attrition. The process is so gradual that one loses consciousness of their current state. It’s like placing a frog into cold water on the stove and gradually increasing heat until it dies. Too late is when awareness kicks in. We find ourselves accepting and compromising in areas that we thought would never be possible. Guilt, embarrassment, and shame saturate our being. It is at this moment that we begin to contemplate whether we should remain stuck or rise up from the ashes. I say rise from the ashes. How? Well, the first step is in recognizing that what we have been through are what I call “Life Teachable Moments (LTM)” It is the most painful moments that teaches us the most valuable lessons, not only about others but especially about ourselves. It is in these moments that we can correctly assess who we are, where we are and whose we are. It is the perfect opportunity for us to take ourselves out of the giveaway basket –  the most opportune time to rise from the ashes.

Individuals we encounter will always treat us the way we allow. If depict that we are not worth much then that is how we will be treated. Therefore I say value yourself. Even if you feel like ashes look unto the one who gives beauty for ashes and learn to value yourself. No one can take control of your life but you. Never give anyone the chance to walk on you like a rug. You may look like coal, but with a little process, you will shine like the diamond you truly are. Come on – take up the fragments of yourself and give to the One who mends broken pieces. There is still value in you!

12/20/2016 Dr. R.A.

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