Check Your Attitude



It is often said that life is ten percent of what happens to us and 90 percent of how we react to what happened. I believe this is true, as we have total control or rather should have complete control over our own attitude. Whatever we allow to sway our attitude is that which we have given power over our being. As such possessing the right attitude in right or wrong situations is within our control.

As we walk this journey called life, we will be faced with various situations. Situations where we feel incredibly cheated and feel the need to rectify. However, in these moments we should always rely on God to justify whatever we have experienced.

We all have heard about the notorious thief of the Bible Jacob. He had been so skilled in his craft that he had to leave home to live with his uncle because his brother wanted to kill him. While he was living with his uncle, he got to experience a dose of his own medicine. The only issue was that what he had supplied and that which he received was magnified. Nevertheless, because he was in a strange land and living somewhat at the mercy of his uncle, he maintained a right attitude. This “right” disposition allowed him to be blessed by God that both himself everyone around him could acknowledge.

He was thoroughly comfortable where he was basking in the blessings of the Lord until his eyes were opened and He was able to perceive his uncle’s attitude towards him.  In Genesis 31:2 the Bible let us know that “And Jacob began to notice a change in Laban’s attitude towards him.” It is quite ironic that while Jacob was “living at the mercy” of Laban and “slaving away” that Laban had no issue with Jacob. As a matter of fact when Jacob finally asked Laban for wages after working for him for years without wages, he changed his wages ten times. During this experience of being cheated knowingly, Jacob displayed the right attitude and Laban had no issue with Jacob. Until he recognized that Jacob was being blessed no matter his devices employed to cheat Jacob. His aim was to keep Jacob down. But as soon as Jacob’s blessings could no longer be hidden Laban had a problem. His attitude towards Jacob changed. However, what is important is that Jacob was able to perceive Laban’s change in attitude towards him and remained with the right attitude. He did not try to justify all he encountered. Instead, he depended on God who he had covenanted with to guide.

This I believe is very prominent even among believers, as whenever someone that we know was an “underdog” suddenly rises to the top our attitude towards them changes. Especially if we believe that they have become more accomplished. I say check your ATTITUDE!! Maybe the reason you are not more blessed is because of the attitude that you possess. STOP trying to keep others down. STOP using your power to try and keep them under your thumb, so that you can manipulate their every move because they are dependent on you.

Also for the “underdogs,” I say CHECK YOUR ATTITUDE!! Ensure that through your process of being “beneath” you possess and display the right behavior. If you do the in God’s time, you will be elevated. Remember, if you humble yourself then you will be exalted.

Lord, I pray that from this day forward we, your people will begin to possess and display the right attitude no matter the situations that we face. I also pray that the spirit of patience will saturate our beings and our faith in you will solidify, knowing that you are in control of our lives.


01/18/17 Dr. R.A.

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