Hope Again




Sometimes the vicissitudes of life can weather our faith and obliviate our hope. Leaving us groping around wearing mask trying to hide all the pain and brokenness inside. We have become experts of wearing a frown upside down so no one can detect the numbness that ricochets through our inner being. Quick glances and brief greetings enable us to maintain our facade.However, if we were confronted with a stare then the glass would shatter exposing our inward fragility. The warmth of a genuine smile and the comfort of a hug would automatically disarm our defense. Such simple acts of kindness would remind us of care and prove that there is still hope.

Sometimes the value of hope is overlooked. However, it is very vital as it anchors even faith.  The Bible says that “faith is the substance of things hoped for” this simple means that hope is the root of faith. Hope causes us to have an expectation. It is the substance (expected end) of that which we have faith.

We often get discouraged from hoping because our view of hope is often twisted. We often view hope as a process. Therefore, when it does not work as we thought we give up hope. However, I came to realign your thoughts by letting you know that hope is not a process. Hope is an expected end.  As such, do not tranquilize your hope with maybe.When the process is not going as we think it should be we say ‘well maybe it is not meant to be,’ “maybe it is really not for me,” “maybe the time is not yet.” All plausible excuses I might add, as the process can cause you to become despondent. However, do not, I repeat DO NOT pacify your hope and move it from the expected end to where you are. Instead, I implore you to rehearse the promises in your mind. If that is not enough, then write it on a post-it. Put it in your house, job, car, etc. Keep it alive because it shall come to pass.

Yes, you are weary from all the ebbs.  As a matter of fact, it could be said that you are downright sick and ready to puke. Yes the prevailing situating don’t look like anything good will ever happen…yes, you have toiled all night and you are weary.  Nonetheless, hope. Hope again as your expectation is necessary to give birth to the miracle that is hidden deep within your emotions. Hope again and begin to write. Write the vision!!! Make it plain….though it tarry…it will speak and NOT lie!!. It is getting ready to happen!!! A covenant  (the expected end)has already been made!!!! Hope again!!! Hope changes everything, so HOPE AGAIN!!


1/22/17 Dr. R.A.

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