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Reasons Relationships End


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As beautiful it is to love and be loved people leave relationships for various reasons. Some of the typical reasons for ending a relationship are:

1) Changes in needs, goals, or values

2) Differences in what people want out of the relationship

3) Unmet expectations or personality issues

The above are all very valid reasons to end a relationship. However, today while having a conversation with an acquaintance I heard what I thought was a hilarious reason for breaking off a relationship. The reason had absolutely nothing to do with any of the above reasons.  The reason could almost be classified as superstitious or rather bad mojo.

So what’s the reason? Ok here goes the story. Mr.R. stated that he recently started dating a lady who he went to high school with. Initially, his thoughts were that it would be a good match for him as they both had history and he has had a crush on her for the longest while. Physically she satisfied his attraction. As such he asked her on a date which was the beginning of the end.

On the first date while she was parallel parking she bumped into someone else’s vehicle. The person stated that they wanted $600 for the damaged that was caused. She called him (Mr. R.) on the phone and explained what had happened. He came to her rescue and explained that it was price gouging as the damaged could hardly be detected. An auto-body shop was nearby, and he decided to ask what would be the cost to fix the damage. The mechanic stated that it would cost between $200-$250, which proved his point regarding price gouging. The owner of the damaged car, however, insisted that he does not have the time to get the car fix as he was from out of state and wanted $600 for settlement.  They all came to an agreement where he settled for $500 instead.

Being the kind gentleman that Mr.R. was, he decided to help in covering the cost of the damaged car. He did not have any cash on him as such he went to an ATM to withdraw funds. As that issue was resolved, they continued their date, and now it was time to go home. He arrived at his car only to see it about to be towed as the meter had expired. He explained to the driver that it was his car in which the driver stated that if he takes it away, it would cost $160 for him to have his vehicle returned, however, if he gave him $120 he would remove it from the truck and let him have it. He explained to the driver that he did not have any cash on his person, but if he allowed him to go to the ATM, he would give him the money. On his way to the ATM, he found $100 in his wallet and negotiated with the driver who gave him his car.

The second date took place in an area that was very exquisite as such the cost of the meal was very expensive. He did, however, enjoy the time spent and conversation had during dinner. After dinner he realized that he had lost his parking ticket as such, he would be required to pay the full price of for the time parked which amounted to $60. He stated that after he had paid the cost of the ticket, he turned to his date and said: “this is not going to work, as you are costing me too much and this only our second date.” I couldn’t help myself I burst out laughing. He went on to explain that he could only imagine what the next date would be like in terms of cost.

What is your reason for ending a relationship? What is your most “bizarre” reason for breaking it off?

1.25.17 Dr.R.A.

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