Queen of Mean

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We all like to consider ourselves as royalties. Often females are referred to as “Queen B”. I think I’ve heard it all as it pertains to royal connotations and I was about to be exposed to another episode.

I sat there and listened to them spar. She clearly was agitated with his mannerism. He seemingly wanted her to talk nonstop.  However, I  as the conversation progressed I heard him say “yes, you are a queen alright…the queen of mean.”I chuckled at his comment as I thought it was hilarious. Nevertheless,  I couldn’t help but wonder why he would say that to her. Was it because she spoke the truth so blatantly? Was it because she was not as coy as he was accustomed to?

She was not the least perturbed by his comment. Her face was just as pleasant as she continued to speak. From the angle I sat she was the epitome of gracefulness. His adjective clearly did not commensurate with her demeanor. It left me baffled and I journeyed on the query path.

“Excuse me, may I take your order?” Uuh, Yes, may I have a minute, I replied. It was now back to reality…

4 thoughts on “Queen of Mean”

      1. Although a couple of instances come to mind it would be very inappropriate for me to discuss them in this forum. I wish to remain a gentleman. ☺


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