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You need to recognize that you were born for a purpose.

You need to acknowledge that there is a process to achieve the purpose.

You need to know that there is a purpose to your pain.

You need to understand that your now is not your end.

You need to realize you can do nothing of yourself.

You need to accept that there is greatness inside of you.

You need to recognize you are called to be a chosen generation.

You need to remember that everything you need is in God.


2.4.17 Dr.R.A.

via Daily Prompt: Recognize

2 thoughts on “Recognize”

  1. Yes! one must look at their innerself and love whatever they see. We all have a purpose in this wonderful place we call life. It is a gift from God accept him and learn from all life teachings. Each is a blessing from above lets share that blessing and be thankful no matter what obstacles we may encounter on this journey of life. Love God first and Love thyself second. Everything else is minuscule.

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