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How do you treat others?


How do you treat the people in your life? Do you treat them with kindness or disdain? Especially the people that you think you do not need… do you see them and treat them as valuable or do you treat them like disposables? Is your lifestyle too busy to send a text to say hello or even pick up the phone and say hi? Is your life too complicated for the persons that God has placed in your life as a means of building and shaping you for who and where He has designed you to be?

How we treat others is a reflection of our person. As such we should endeavor to treat others the way we would like to be treated.  The Bible tells us to be careful in how we entertain strangers because we might be entertaining angels unaware.

A story was also told of a rich man and a beggar who both died but one ended up in Abraham’s bossom, whereas the other in hell. While they were alive the rich man never treated the beggar with kindness.  When he died the man who he scorned was the one he wanted to come and drop water on his tongue.  One moral of the story is that you never know when you will be in need and the same person you disregard maybe the same person who you will need their help.

We are all valuable regardless of status, culture, color, etc. As Maya said,  people may forget what you do but they will never forget how you made them feel. Therefore,  treat everyone with love and kindness, just like you would like to be treated. Things can be replaced,  people can’t.  Don’t value things above people,  after all they are made in the image and likeness of God just like you.

2.7.17 Dr.R.A.

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