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On the cusp standing firm on Your word

My will totally surrender to Yours

Heart racing because of all the expected changes

Yet there is a peace that resides on the inside

As I look ahead, I smile

In my mind’s eye, all I see is rainbow

Reminding me of the surety of Your promises

I inhale and exhale deeply

As my diaphragm expand and contract, I am assured of Your very present spirit

I am ready for the journey

So I step off the cusp onto the path that You have destined for me


4.4.17 Dr.RA.

via Daily Prompt: Cusp

4 thoughts on “Cusp”

    1. David it may sound like fantasy to you, however it is not for me. It is as real as the things you touch. At this time in my life I am embarking on a new journey and standing firm on the word of God. I will not share the details but every breath that I breathe reminds me that God is near. Even though my heart is racing the rainbow in my mind’s eye reminds me that He is a promise keeper. I hope this helps your understanding of what I wrote. Thanks for reading and for commenting. I appreciate it 🙂

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  1. Thank you David. No it wasn’t too critical and even if it was I wouldn’t mind either as constructive criticism is good. Thank you for the best wishes. Have an awesome day. Bless you.


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