Overcoming Cravings

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Whether or not we want to admit it there are things we carve especially in moments of vulnerability. If we decide that we are going to exclude things from our diet, then our bodies begin to crave the exclusions. It seems like everywhere we go that the things we decide not to consume are the only things that are available. They jump out at every angle ass if they are begging to be consumed. Sometimes in the avoidance process, we become so vulnerable that we cave into the demands.  Much effort has to be exerted to stick to our new diet.

As it is in the natural realm, so it is in the spiritual realm. There are things that we crave and often struggle as the enemy of our souls have a way to show up armed when we are most vulnerable. He comes and offers that which will satisfy our appetite whenever we are most hungry. Truth be told this often poses a challenge as the temptation to satisfy such cravings is seemingly overwhelming but know that we should not partake as the consequences of such actions will be too great.

Often we are misguided into thinking that the temptation(s)  of the enemy is just on a large scale basis. As such, we often guard ourselves against the “big sins” (fornication, murder adultery, etc.a great) attack and overlook the “little sins” (malice, envy, strife, worrying, doubt, gossiping, people-pleasing, etc.). We tend to forget that a little leaven will have a  significant impact on the whole.  Did I just include people-pleasing? Is that even a sin? Yes it is a sin! Galatians 1:10 posed the question “am I now striving to win the approval of human beings, or of God?” Sometimes we become so caught up in becoming accepted socially that it clouds our judgment.  And anything that is put before God is an idol. But we will delve into that more deeply another time.


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So how do we overcome these cravings? Well, we are often misguided into thinking that avoidance is all that will be required. We try to convince ourselves that if we ignore these things, then they will just vanish. However, more effort is needed to overcome things. To overcome something by definition is to succeed by dealing with it. There is no way to ignore and overcome. So how can we overcome? Lets cut to the chase – we use the word of God.

Sounds simple right? It is somewhat harder than we think because of our perception of the Word of God. This is because we generally perceive the Word of God as a light to our path (which it is)  and not as the weapon that it is (two-edged sword). Whenever we view the word of God as only light to our path, we miss its real power. That is because when you are traveling in the wilderness, the torch (which gives light) is also used to ward off insects and reptiles that will attack (a weapon). Therefore, our perception of the word of God needs to be broadened.

Jesus knew that the word of God was a weapon. Therefore,  when He was tempted by Satan in His most vulnerable state, He drew the sword (the word of God), wield it skillfully and cut the enemy to pieces. The word of God was the best weapon available to defeat the tactical schemes of the enemy. It empowered Him to overcome the cravings of His flesh.

Have the walls of your mind’s eyes been expanded to see the word of God as more than just light? Do you know what the word of God has to say about that which you crave? Are you capable of wielding its truth skillfully to your defense?

Prayer: Lord, please remove the scales from our eyes as it pertains to Your words. Cause the minds of our understanding to become enlightened. Help us to recognize that it is in knowing the truth of Your word that we will experience true freedom and victory. Empower us to study Your word so that we be able to pick up its sword and practice with it until we are able to overcome whatever comes our way. Thank You for reminding us that we can be victorious and overcome our cravings.  Amen.

4/4/17 Dr.R.A.

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