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Not wanting to let go

Got me twisted

The habit of being in control

Got me distorted

Not being able to see clearly

That where I am is only temporary

The grind called life

Got me confused

Causing me to think this is permanent and all there will be

So I try effortlessly to fit into your mold

When we both know that a circle does not fit into a square hole

I got to thinking is it just me

But then I remember that the children of Israel also got caught up in the cycle of “permanency.”

Their goal was to make it through the wilderness in 40 days

However, they became bewildered and thought the wilderness was permanent

Resulting in them being there for 40 years

So I pray open my eyes Lord and let me see

That this situation I am in is not about me and more importantly, it is only temporary


5/9/2017 Dr.R.A.

via Daily Prompt: Temporary

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