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Elevation begins with your mind being transformed

Allowing your eyes to be realigned to the true source

It will not be by might or power

But only by the spirit of God

It is not your earthly connections that will do it

But rather your connection with the Spirit

Your mind may be playing tricks on you

Causing you to think that it will not happen for you

But let the shift begin with knowing who you serve

Knowing that there is nothing impossible for the all powerful

Promotion will not come from the east or west

It is God who raises one and puts down another

Don’t focus on the obstacles before

Put on blinders if you must so your vision will be focused on Him

Speak His promises aloud so that your faith can increase

And as you believe you will see that the omniscient One is on your side

Working behind the scenes to elevate you beyond your wildest dreams.

09/05/2017 Dr. R.A.

via Daily Prompt: Elevate

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