Cry out to God


Have you ever felt like there was darkness all around? Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try to move ahead you seem to be stuck? Does it seems like your life is full of difficulties? Do you feel like your enemies always have the upper hand? Do you feel powerless against those that seem mightier than you? Do you feel like your life and emotions have been flooded by the tsunami of fear?

Sometimes when faced with a difficult situation you may feel powerless and afraid. Everything around may seems hopeless and cause you to be in despair. These circumstances may cause you to want to curl up in bed or in a corner and cry.  Or even worst you may be praying  like Elijah did asking to die as you are surrounded by doom and gloom. However, I dare to say all is not lost. There is still hope. There is someone that you can look to who can change your circumstances and life for the better. All you have to do is shift your focus and allow your vision to be realigned.

In those moments you should turn eyes to the only one that is able to deliver in difcult times. He the one that is able to rescue when the enemy comes in like a flood. Cry out to God in prayer like Asa did and watch Him cause your enemies to scatter before your eyes and the impossible become possible. He acknowledged that God is the only one that can help the powerless against the mighty. He knew that God was willing and able to help. He also believed without the shadow of doubt that God would deliver. Won’t  you be like Asa, cry out to God and trust Him today! !

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